Project Ukraine

A project aimed at developing the economy of Ukraine through  improving past-war tourism by creating one website about Ukrainian History and one about Ukraine.

What were the solutions?

Design an Explore Ukraine Website that would promote Ukraine in an eye-catching, simple and modern way by showing interesting facts, cities, culture, roadmaps and experiences.

Create an immersive website about the History of Ukraine which would transform the way people see Ukraine and help to move it further away from any historical and political ties with Russia.

Learn more about Explore Ukraine

Explore Ukraine is an idea that can potentially help to position Ukraine as one of the leading European countries in terms of tourism friendliness. This website will have official information on each city, experience, and cultural items, all presented in an eye-catching and modern way.

Page 1

Home Page of Explore Ukraine

  • Captures the visitor's attention through having a seamless, modern and culturally-inspired UI design
  • Shows a small version of all the pages to help users better navigate the website
Page 2


  • Get the best experiences based on your preferences
  • Filter and sort by popularity, price, city and display it in a grid view, list view and even randomized view
Page 3


  • View each city's most important facts dynamically by hovering on the map of Ukraine
  • See what the city is known for and click on it to view the entire dedicated page for each city
Page 4

Travel Information

  • View all of the important information regarding each city and province
  • Get requirements for entry based on your country
Page 5

Single Experience Page

  • Access the page from going to experiences page and clicking on an experience that interests you
  • View the most important information about the experience, such as its price, expectations, how to get there in an intuitive format
Page 6

Single City Page

  • The goal of these pages is to make the traveler fall in love with the uniqueness of each city and want to visit them
  • View a dedicated page for each major Ukrainian city, where you will find the best places and experiences, roadmaps worth considering and more
  • Sort and filter by important categories such as cultural places, food, activities, shopping, transport and amenities
Page 7

Roadmap Single Page

  • Roadmaps are meticulously crafted one-week+ plans for the traveler, that include amenities, experiences, prices, recommendations and places
  • Their goal is to take away the stress of planning and help the traveler to truly enjoy the trip and not worry about its details

Learn More About History of Ukraine

History of Ukraine is a concept and website created with a goal to show how interesting and unique our heritage is. This goal would be achieved through having an immersive and beautiful website that makes you want to scroll and scroll through it. You can see a sneak peek into what it would look like by visiting the website right now! Get to learn about Kievan Rus', its heroes and more.

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