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I help turn your ambitious ideas into reality by creating high-converting and eye-catching brand identities and websites. Unlock your startup success today and rise above the noise with a powerful brand.

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Fast-track your Startup's Success

Make a strong first impression

There is a lot of noise online. As a startup, you need the means to stand out with your product or service. A good website and brand will give you the power to do that.

Boost your reach

Enhance your online presence with a technically proficient website.

Build trust

A good-looking website will help you gain credibility with clients and investors.

Make every marketing $ count

Together, we will maximize your marketing budget by optimizing your site for higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs.

Increase perceived value

Want to enhance your company's image? Elevate it with premium design that will make you appear bigger.

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Attract top talent

The success of any startup hinges on its dedicated team. Elevate your startup's appeal to top talent with an impressive website.

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Raise Funding

Attract investors with a standout brand and website showcasing strong ROI potential in a crowded market.

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Client Testimonials

Christina was exceptional in crafting our startup's website and brand. She delivered a site that's both stunning and functional, tailored to our cybersecurity focus. I would highly recommend Supercharged Design to any business looking for top-notch web development.

Sascha Picchiantano

Sascha Picchiantano

Co-founder & CTO of Retactic

Christina did a fantastic job helping us rethink our UX flow for first time users. She provided great regular updates with comments and loom videos and was a pleasure to work with. As a team of engineers we have been strictly focused on function over form. But with Christina's help we are bringing that initial, polished design into our product! Highly recommend!

Bruce Van Zyl

Co-founder of Tribe Social App

I gotta say, Christina is a total gem when it comes to web development! She really took the time to understand my needs, and she created a gorgeous website that actually converts! If you're looking for a web developer who truly cares about their work, Christina is your go-to person.

Lisa Boyd

Arjun Gupta

Founder of Vyana

It was such a pleasure working with Christina as our brand designer. She not only asked for our input but welcomed our feedback, making us feel comfortable and heard. I highly recommend her for any design, branding, and marketing work.

Lisa Boyd

Lisa Boyd

Co-founder of Thrive Coaching

As a WordPress developer, I was faced with a Webflow project that required a specialist's touch. That's when I turned to Christina, and I'm glad I did. I wholeheartedly recommend Christina's services to any business owner looking to elevate their brand and website.

Schenur Smith

Schneur Smith

WordPress Developer

It was incredible working with Christina. She is such an amazing and creative designer. She was incredibly creative to design for the right message, especially as Cyber oriented content.

Lisa Boyd

Gichuki Jonia

CEO at OnNet Group

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Your Road to Success


Frequently asked questions

How long does it take you to make a website?

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You can expect to receive the final website that will convert visitors into clients only in 3-6 weeks. The whole process of website creation involves the discovery of the unique problems your startup is facing, creation of a strategy, design and finally development, because of which the time this takes may vary.

How long does brand identity creation take?

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Your startup's brand identity can be crafted in just 2 weeks, beginning with the initial draft delivered within 3-5 days of our first meeting. Despite allowing for up to 3 revisions, the entire process usually concludes within this 2-week timeframe. This means you can swiftly elevate your startup's brand from zero to a hundred within a matter of weeks.

Are the websites SEO-optimized?

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Your websites don't just come out mobile-optimized, interactive, and user-friendly; they're also fully SEO-optimized. This means potential clients can effortlessly find your product or service through online searches. I'll seamlessly integrate SEO into the website development process, ensuring you receive a top-notch website paired with thoughtfully crafted, search engine-optimized content.

How are you different from other designers?

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When you hire a designer, you usually get someone who's creative and loves design. But with me, you get someone who's passionate about using design to solve your business problems, not just for the sake of design itself.

Leveraging my extensive business knowledge from the Schulich School of Business, we'll work together to identify the challenges holding you back. We'll brainstorm solutions, prioritize them using a problem-solving approach, and by the time we reach the design phase, we'll have already completed 20% of the work, delivering 80% of the results your business needs.

What is the cost of creating a website?

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The cost of designing and building a website can vary, typically ranging from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on the complexity of your project. Before evaluating whether this investment aligns with your budget, it's essential to understand the potential consequences of choosing a subpar, low-cost website design:

  • High ongoing maintenance expenses
  • Dissatisfied employees who won't proudly share your website
  • Frustrated customers who may leave your site and never return
  • Significant time and effort wasted, resulting in missed opportunities
  • Poor visibility on search engines, making it challenging for potential customers to find your site and costly to advertise

Investing in a well-designed website can save you money and reputation in the long run by avoiding these costly pitfalls.

What is used to develop websites?

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For all development purposes Webflow is used. It is has many advantages over other website builders. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Fully customizable
  • Super easy to maintain
  • Clean code
  • Optimized SEO
  • Powerful hosting
  • Advanced interactions and animations
  • Highly secure
  • No coding involved

More than anything, it's biggest advantage for your business is the ease with which your team can edit any contents on the website. Just imagine how simpler the whole process will become once you will no longer have to hire a third-party. By the way, this website was fully developed in Webflow! Still have questions about it? Contact me for a free discovery call.


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