Grammarly Project

The goal of the project was to help Grammarly evolve from a copy-paste solution to a one-stop place for all writing needs by building a personal connection with the user.

What were the solutions?

Create a "Start Smart" Feature, that would let you structure your writing based on the deadline, paper length, and format, solving the problem of unfocused writing.

Improve Grammarly's Home Screen UX design by modernizing the current one & providing 3 themes to choose from for the premium subscribers.

Learn more about Start Smart

Start Smart targets students as one of the biggest users of Grammarly Premium. Students write a lot during their university years, but the one thing that they can tell you is that the writing process never gets easier.

Researchers blame this fact on the lack of focus that causes common writing problems. Through Start Smart, students can structure their writing in less than 5 minutes and get guided advice along the whole writing journey, building a personal connection with Grammarly.

Step 1

Set The Deadline For Your Paper

  • Choose or type in a date from the calendar
  • Helps to set the exact amount of days that you can work on the paper
Step 2

Determine Its Length

  • Select either the word count or the page count
  • Calculates the needed writing output based on this and previous step
Step 3

Choose The Required Citation Style

  • Get recommendations as to how many citations need to be made
  • See how much space has to be left for citations
  • Receive helpful advice about the writing style and more
Step 4

Set Your Goal & Frequency For Writing

  • Get a daily/weekly/monthly goal for your writing based on previous steps
  • Customize the frequency and instantly see how much work you have to do
  • Set a desktop reminder to help you on your journey
Step 5

Start Writing Smart, Not Hard

  • Get directed to your document with newly created progress bars
  • See your daily target and how it connects to the entire paper
  • Use Grammarly through the entire writing process, not just for checking Grammar

Learn More About New Home Screens

These Home Screen Designs are a modernized version of the current Home Screens that Grammarly has, with an addition of the dark theme and two glassmorphism themes. Premium users will be able to customize them, further improving personal connection with Grammarly.

Home Screen 1

Light Mode

  • Modernized fresh look with the same functionality
  • Helpful and motivating writing statistics
  • More alignment when it comes to the color scheme of the brand
Home Screen 2

Dark Mode

  • Addresses specific customers who love dark mode
  • Adds another customization option for Grammarly users

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