Top 7 Webflow Apps to Install on Your Website in 2024

Webflow, known for its user-friendly interface and powerful no-code features, has become a go-to platform for web designers and developers. To enhance your Webflow experience and take your website to the next level in 2024, consider installing these top five Webflow apps on your website:

1. Boosters by Flowbase

With Boosters, you can add advanced code solutions directly inside your Webflow website at the click of a button. The best part? It's 100% Free. 

Here are some examples of the functionalities and animations you can add:

  • Count-Up Booster: Easily animate numbers from 0 to your desired value (commonly used for displaying statistics).
  • Text Scramble Booster: Make your text look more interesting by adding a scrambled effect to it upon hover or when scrolling in view.
  • Tooltips Booster: Provide interactive content and guidance with informative tooltips on hover or click.
  • Cookies Booster: Control display of elements like pop-ups using browser cookies, managing display state over time.
  • Countdown Booster: Build anticipation with countdowns to events, launches, or promotions, customizable globally with UTC formatting.
Boosters by Flowbase

Boosters Pricing


2. Semflow

If you're looking to enhance the SEO performance of your Webflow website, Semflow is the ultimate solution. You can conduct comprehensive audits of your website's SEO right within the Webflow designer.

Here's what Semflow offers:

  • See Your SEO Score: Get an SEO score indicating your site's rankability.
  • See Status of All Pages: Monitor the health of all static and CMS pages, quickly identifying critical errors.
  • Get Detailed Recommendations: Receive detailed reports on SEO errors with guidance on fixing them.
  • Set and Save Page Keywords: Optimize page elements based on designated keywords.
  • Manage All Site Scores: Access a dashboard to track SEO scores of multiple websites.
  • See Google PageSpeed Insights Scores: Monitor PageSpeed Insights scores directly within Semflow.

Semflow Pricing

You can test Semflow for free for 7 days. Afterward, it's $15 per month on a month-to-month basis or $8 per month billed annually ($96).

Despite the modest price, the benefits Semflow brings to your website's organic SEO are invaluable. Plus, it can be used across multiple websites simultaneously, making it ideal for freelancers and agencies.

3. Flowpilot

Are you a fan of ChatGPT? Imagine being able to utilize its capabilities directly within your Webflow website, empowering you to tackle everything from styling to animations effortlessly. Meet Flowpilot, your OpenAI-powered Webflow copilot. With Flowpilot, you can seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into the Webflow Designer, enabling you to craft custom code with ease.

Here are some use cases you can enjoy:

  • Create a custom timer that counts down to a specific date
  • Write a jQuery script that opens a pop up
  • Create a Mapbox map with custom marker’s icon to use a blue pin and set the initial zoom level to 12
  • Create a looping logo marquee animation
  • Explain this GSAP code

Flowpilot Pricing

Flowpilot offers a generous free tier with 100 AI messages per month. However, if you require more, you can unlock unlimited messaging with a straightforward one-time payment of $75. This eliminates any recurring costs, providing you with uninterrupted access to Flowpilot's powerful features and updates.

4. SVG Import

With SVG Import, you can effortlessly modify them using Webflow's native attributes and add custom styles, all while ensuring your website remains fast. This app streamlines the SVG integration process for both developers and designers, saving time and allowing you to stay focused on design.

Here are some amazing benefits:

  • No More 10,000 Character Limit: Break free from Webflow's character limit on SVGs, enabling you to use extensive SVG files effortlessly.
  • Works with All SVGs: From animated to complex SVGs, SVG Import handles them all seamlessly.
  • Full Control over Attributes: Modify every attribute of nested elements within an SVG using Webflow's native attributes panels.
  • Bind CMS Colors: Extend dynamic capabilities by binding CMS colors to individual shapes within SVGs.

SVG Import Pricing


5. Slater App

If you've ever worked with custom code in Webflow, you know that it can get challenging. With the 10,000 character limit, lack of the ability to save code snippets, or even explain them. Slater’s mission is to help Webflowers do custom code as easily and painlessly as possible.

Here are some featues you can enjoy:

  • Invite Team Members: Collaborate with team members by inviting them to join.
  • Code Explainers: Gain insights into JavaScript with practical, hands-on explanations provided by Slater.
  • Publish to Staging or Production: Choose to publish the code to staging or production environments, ensuring availability regardless of website traffic.
  • Harness AI for Custom Code: Utilize AI to generate custom code for your project effortlessly.

Slater App Pricing

There is a free plan available which allows you to do publishing to staging ( so you can try it out for free. If you do want to utilize Slater for your Webflow websites, you would have to pay $10 per month per user.

6. Humblytics

Revolutionize your website analytics with Humblytics, a simple and privacy-friendly tool tailored for Webflow users. Seamlessly embed a script onto your page to effortlessly track custom events such as CMS forms and buttons. No need for Google Tag Manager or custom data layers - Humblytics simplifies the process for you.

Here's what Humblytics offers:

  • Track page views, real-time visitors, location traffic, top sources, and more.
  • Monitor links and buttons using custom attributes, eliminating the need for Google Tag Manager or data layers.
  • Gain insights into your best-performing CMS items with metrics like scroll depth and session length.
  • Measure form submission rates, view referral insights, and track conversion rates.
  • Perform A/B split testing for Webflow sites, allowing you to optimize user engagement and boost conversion rates by testing multiple landing page variants.

Humblytics Pricing

You can get started with Humblytics for free - for up to 1,000 monthly views.

After that, there are a few pricing options:

  • $9/month: 10,000 Monthly Page Views, Public Dashboard Access Links
  • $19/month (Freelancer): 100,000 Monthly Page Views, Split Testing - 1 Active Test, 3 Per Month, Public Dashboard Access Links
  • $49/month (Agency): 500,000 Monthly Page Views, Split Testing - 5 Active Tests, 25 Per Month, Public Dashboard Access Links

7. Vidzflow

Hosting videos on Webflow poses somechallenges, potentially slowing down your site, particularly when having numerous videos. Thankfully, you can ease your video hosting concerns with Vidzflow, a tailored solution for Webflow users.

Here's why Vidzflow stands out:

  • Customizable Video Player: Enjoy a sleek, customizable video player tailored to your preferences. You can even customize autoplay, brand color, play button design, and more to match your website's aesthetic.
  • Upload Raw Video Files: Vidzflow supports a wide array of video formats including mp4, mov, avi, mkv, mpg, and webm.
  • Upload from Youtube or Vimeo: Easily integrate videos from Youtube or Vimeo into your Webflow site with Vidzflow. Simply input the URL and let Vidzflow handle the rest, providing a distraction-free viewing experience.
  • Optimized Performance: Enjoy instant start and buffer-free playback with Vidzflow. Experience faster loading times and smoother playback compared to other players, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for your audience.

With Vidzflow, you can host and showcase your videos effortlessly, enhancing the overall performance and user experience of your Webflow website.

Vidzflow Pricing

You can get started with Vidzflow for free and enjoy video hosting for up to 100MB / video, Up to 5 min / video, Up to 10 videos, Up to 720p. 

You can also upgrade to the paid plans to remove the Vidzflow watermark and access additional benefits:

  • Lite Plan ($9/month): Host videos up to 1000MB each, Videos up to 20 minutes long, hosting for up to 25 videos, unlimited video quality and workspaces, no watermark.
  • Starter Plan ($19/month): Same benefit as "Lite" plan plus hosting for up to 50 videos.
  • Business Plan ($49/month): Same benefits as "Starter" plan plus videos up to 60 minutes long and hosting for up to 100 videos.


Webflow continues to solidify its position as a leading platform for web designers and developers with its user-friendly interface and powerful no-code features. To elevate your Webflow experience and unlock new possibilities for your website in 2024, consider integrating these top Webflow apps:

  1. Boosters by Flowbase: Enhance your website with advanced code solutions, entirely free of charge.
  2. Semflow: Elevate your SEO performance with comprehensive audits and optimization tools.
  3. Flowpilot: Seamlessly integrate ChatGPT capabilities into your website for effortless coding and design.
  4. SVG Import: Simplify the integration of SVG graphics into your website while maintaining performance.
  5. Slater App: Streamline custom code implementation with collaboration features and AI assistance.
  6. Humblytics: Revolutionize website analytics with privacy-friendly tracking and insightful metrics.
  7. Vidzflow: Solve video hosting challenges with a tailored solution offering customizable players and optimized performance.

These apps offer a range of functionalities to enhance your website's performance, SEO, design, and user experience. Whether you're a developer, designer, or business owner, integrating these apps can take your Webflow website to the next level. Explore these options to unlock new possibilities and stay ahead in the dynamic world of web development.

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