Displaying Dynamic Elements in Webflow's 404 Page

Unable to place dynamic content on your 404 page in Webflow? Luckily, there's a straightforward solution to have a redirect page.
Follow these quick steps to create a custom redirect 404 page in Webflow:

Step 1: Create a New Page

Start by creating a new page in your Webflow project. This page will serve as your customized 404 landing spot.

Step 2: Set the Slug

Give your new page a slug of "/page-not-found." This is the URL visitors will see when encountering a 404 error on your site.

Step 3: Add a Custom Script to your existing 404 page

Open your default 404 page and paste in this code inside <head> tag:

<!-- Redirects to 404 page -->

And that's it! With just these three simple steps, you've transformed your 404 page into a customized space with dynamic content. Now, you won't have the convert your dynamic content into static, saving you some time and energy.

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