10 Best Websites for Startup Web Design Inspiration

10 sources of web design inspiration for Startups

In the fast-paced world of startups, a standout web design can make all the difference. Crafting a website that not only captures attention but also reflects your brand's identity is crucial.

Fortunately, there are several curated platforms that can serve as a wellspring of inspiration for startup founders. In this article, we'll explore ten such sources that offer a wealth of creative ideas and practical insights to help your startup's online presence stand out.

1. Curated

Curated was made by Craftwork to feature a collection of the top digital products, websites and tools.

The Craftwork team curates their collection daily, uploading innovative and beautiful finds from the whole web. As a startup founder, you would be able to find hundreds of eye-catching and seamless websites to take inspiration from and even filter your search by the industry.

2. Godly

Godly takes web design inspiration to the next level by not only showcasing beautiful websites but also providing insights into the styles, fonts, frameworks, libraries, and platforms used in their creation. Additionally, you can uncover the analytics platforms behind each website. What sets Godly apart is its animated video previews of websites, offering a dynamic browsing experience.

3. SaaS Landing Page

SaaS Landing Page specializes in curating 750 landing page examples from top-class SaaS companies and startups. With the ability to filter by website sections like pricing, features, about us, and more, it's the ideal resource for finding inspiration for specific parts of your website.

4. One Page Love

One Page Love has been curating websites since 2008, providing insights into beautiful designs across various categories. Whether you're interested in case studies, journalism, resumes, sports, weddings, finance, or more, this platform has you covered.

The beauty of One Page Love lies in its simplicity, as it presents all the content about a company or individual within a single webpage.

5. Minimal Gallery

Minimal Gallery lives up to its name, offering a clean and uncluttered view of beautiful websites.

Created by talented designer Piet Terheyden in 2013, this platform features hundreds of stunning websites with desktop and mobile previews. It's not just about inspiration; you can also discover great domains and explore job opportunities.

6. Bento Grids

Bento Grids is a curated collection of tile-based layouts popularized by Apple's summary slides. These layouts are perfect for showcasing brand identity and summarizing product features. As a startup founder, exploring the best Bento Grids can provide valuable inspiration for your website's visual storytelling, giving you ideas about potential illustrations and layouts.

7. OGImage Gallery

OGImage Gallery compiles the best Open Graph images from across the web. You can sort by industries or simply browse to find not only visually striking Open Graph Images but also hidden web design gems that can elevate your design game.

8. Webpills

Webpills is a comprehensive resource for designers and developers aiming to create a more beautiful digital world. It offers detailed categories such as technologies used and industry filters, making it an indispensable tool for founders passionate about design and software.

9. Awwwards

Awwwards is a renowned platform that showcases only the crème de la crème of web design. While it's a paid resource for submitting your website, it offers a constant stream of the best websites on an hourly basis. It's a never-ending source of inspiration for those who seek excellence.

10. Bonus: Deck Gallery

Deck Gallery is a resource that features beautifully designed slide decks from around the world, providing the inspiration you need to make your startup shine during presentations. As a startup founder, you can appreciate the value of a beautifully designed and intuitive pitch deck about your company, as it can do wonders for your business, helping you raise funds, attract new clients and teammates.


These ten web design inspiration sources offer a wealth of creative ideas and practical insights for startup founders. Whether you're looking for minimalist elegance or dynamic SaaS landing pages, these platforms have you covered.

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